Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a software addict for years. I just can’t stop downloading programs! And now that I own a Windows PC, a MacBook, and I’m virtualizing Ubuntu – my obsession has only gotten worse.

So what is someone with a fixation for files and a desire to download to do? Review everything! And I mean everything. The goal here is to create the most comprehensive database of the best (and worst) programs ever to grace my computer screen.

The plan is to start out slow. A few programs a week. All of the fun will start once I’ve got a decent database going. Reviews, battles, and all kinds of mayhem will ensue as we break down the coolest and the crappiest features of the applications we all know and love. From word processors to Photoshop plug-ins to web operating systems, nothing is safe.

Developers beware. If you’ve got a program – I’ve got something to say about it.

Check the specs on my rigs.

– Eric Norton


3 responses

16 08 2007
Jim Greer

Hey Eric –

Thanks for the very kind words about Kongregate on Techcrunch! What’s your username on Kongregate?

16 08 2007
Eric Norton

Hey Jim.

Thanks for stopping by. No problem – you should be extremely delighted by the amazing site you’ve created. Oh, and my username is Rotorblade.

11 06 2010
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